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Randy Connor

I Cant Believe (tribute to Voodoo Ray)

Professor. Michele Bunker

Project and Portfolio 1 Class: Week 4 Final Composition 


I envisioned this song geared towards being licensed primarily as an R&B record for commercial radio or utilized in a television advertisement campaign. I initially wanted to create a song with a smooth and melodic tone with the instruments. I imagined an artist such as Toni Braxton delivering some very lustrous vocals on the track. 


I began the track with a standard backbeat in the key signature of 4/4, at mid-tempo speed of 95 bpm. As I progress through the composition I was able to create a really nice chord progression of which I decided to use through-out the duration of the composition. The initial melody / motif in section A and B matched perfectly inspiring an upbeat melodically fast paced melody for the bridge area in section C of the song.  Beginning on section C, the kick, snare and hi-hat was also modified to give an effective rhythmically change to the groove and overall rhythm blending the two parts together for a cohesive sounding mix.



The keys used in this song were A minor and C Major.  The harmonic chords used in section A and C were,  Am l C l E l G l D l F l Cm l and in section B and D were, C l Em l G l Dm l Bo l D l.  The combination of the acoustic guitar and synthesizer in this harmony complimented the melody creating a funky song and smooth flow of each section.


In the composition there are two audio tracks and an original sound track created using the ES P plugin. Dynamic processing was bus to an aux track where I implemented the echo and delay to give the track a boost. On one of the two live recording audio tracks, I displayed recorded live vocals with my voice motivated by the enchanting melody of the composition to create some sort of lyrical content that works with the song concept. (Experiment)!


The harmony and harmony layer are both panned in opposition on each side at -45 and +45 for a wider range in the sound. The dynamic processing and mixing has become a favorite part of the overall process for me. I checked all the levels to ensure no clipping on the tracks, engage EQ on several tracks for clarity and improving the sound quality and also engaged compression on the master output for a level sound in the end.


However, the creative process is absolutely enlightening after hearing the finished product. Everything came together very nicely, I look forward to learning and becoming a great musician and producer in all aspects of audio and music production.



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